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Brains in a Jar: An Old Cliché Made New

Many classic romances hinge on the glory of the inaccessible woman who eventually allows her beloved into her heart if not also her arms. Some science fiction, however, takes the inaccessibility and elevates it to tragedy by giving one partner phenomenal cosmic powers and an itty bitty living space. Those phenomenal cosmic powers are a neural hookup to fly a spaceship and the inability to disengage it.

Being stuck in a spaceship and feeling things as a spaceship does sounds like a pretty good deal, but it would require one to have a partner who could do things like interact face-to-face with passengers. That's where the danger and romance comes in, because if one person is confined forever to a ship and the other is not, and then they fall in love, great drama will indubitably ensue.

There are as many possibilities as there are characters or pairings. If this has tickled your fancy, sign up to write your favorite character.

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